Easternmost Point of the US

Monday through Thursday is our workweek.  After all, we are retired. 🙂  We finished painting the Camp Office and started on the Snack Shop.  This is a hot spot in the afternoon.  Sometimes right after we were just served lunch.  The kitchen crew is great and serves good food with hot bread and the food is kid friendly.  However, you can’t kid friendly all kids.  That’s why the snack shop is a hit.  Soda (not pop) is available and all kinds of sugary treats.  

Karen Painting Barn Red and White and Sweeping Spiders

We women have had to get very acquainted with more spiders than we ever thought possible.  They love the underside of the overhangs on these buildings and they are not fond of being disturbed or being painted.  The farmer and I even gave a devotion on the Power of God and told of a spider (Nephila that is found in the South Pacific) who’s web is so strong that fisherman use it for a net.  Only God can create such wonderful creatures. 

The men painted the floor of the building they are working to complete and they put a sealer on the wood on the ceiling and the walls.  The kitchen staff come over every day to see if their new home is finished yet.  Karen and I made curtains to go on the windows in that building.  Electricity is next on the agenda, then they will move in as soon as the beds can be moved.  

Farmer and a Tractor

Pearl and Barbara are two older ladies that keep the flowers going here at the camp.  They are beautiful.  Every building and several other places have flower beds.  This so adds to the look and feel of the camp.  These two ladies volunteer their help every summer for this duty.  This camp has so much support from the area and the local churches.  Much volunteer work happens here.  Some of the Board members and staff live in New Brunswick and are unable to come to the camp right now.  It has been two summers.  It is a difficult time.  

Our Home in Maine

On Friday’s we have traveled to see the sights of Maine.  Last Friday we drove the coastline and pursued lighthouses.  We found six lighthouses and started in Lube, Maine where the West Quoddy Lighthouse is found.  The East Quoddy Lighthouse is in Canada.  Lubec is the easternmost point in the United States.  The Roosevelt’s had a beautiful summer home with gorgeous views  which can’t be visited by us right now as it is in Canada.  It is an International Park but can’t be visited by Americans at present.  

West Quoddy Lighthouse
Lubec, Maine

Schoodic Point at Acadia National Park was also a stopover.  We reached there at the perfect time at 4pm.  The tide was rolling in and the waves were crashing on the rocks.  The waves hit 50 feet high against the rocks.  Impressive!

Tide Coming In at Schoodic Point

Work Together for Good

Projects are being completed and new ones are beginning here in Spicewood, TX even in the midst of the current crisis and social distancing.  Tomorrow is the last day of this assignment and some will be heading home sometime this next week. Others are staying for another month. This has been an incredible experience and we see God’s hand in this at this time.  We know that His plan for us was to be here in this place, at this camp, at this time in history. We could never find a better camp staff than the one here. Much is at stake for them as they see camp registrations and group meetings being cancelled.  It is the same for so many businesses and non-profits. The future is clearly very uncertain and jobs are at stake. We pray that salvations are not at stake.  

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.   

Farmer, truck and dirt! A winning combo!
Too much fun.

One of the projects the Lord placed on my heart was prayer walking this camp each afternoon after we finished our time of work for the project.  What a blessing it is to be able to walk and pray for a crisis, a camp, churches, children, schools, and the list goes on. We are praying about staying another month here but are leaning to heading home.  This project of prayer walking can continue anywhere we are. Even while we are self-quarantined and social distancing, our wonderful God has called us and equipped us to pray and encourage.  

John Deere green.

Even though the church buildings may be closed the church is NOT the building.  It is us. Let us let our light shine for Jesus and embrace this pause in the fast pace of life and be grateful.  

Missing the kids.

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:18.