Ridge Haven Project Complete

The last three weeks have flown by and our project here is complete.  Some more SOWER couples will be coming in next week and we will be departing soon.  What a great team we had here and we feel like our mission was accomplished.  Each couple comes with their own unique talents and giftings.  It is such a delight to see how God assembles each team.  Our General Leader couple were such a success in guiding this ship.  Wendy planned some really fun times for the ladies and for the couples too.  It was not all fun and games though as we really worked hard to do our best for the Lord and for the ministry here.  

Still in the Toilets

Some couples are leaving tomorrow and some on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Some are going home to check on their own livestock and some are on their way to their next project.  One couple is full time in their RV and one has been on the road 16 months and will have completed their 25th project by the time they arrive home.  That is the wonderful thing about SOWERS is that you can do it most any way you would like to.  

Now That’s and Anvil!

The farmer and I are ready to get back to our farm and see what is happening on the home front.  I have several groups of girlfriends I need to have lunch with and catch up on their last month.  A neighbor needs the farmer to drive a truck.  We will have cousin camp for our 13 grandchildren in a couple of weeks so we won’t be bored.

Smell That Bacon!

Iowa has treated us well.  The weather has been beautiful, the camp staff delightful. The new friends are so very special. There is nothing like sharing work and life for a few weeks together on a mission. It is hard to leave but home is calling.  

We will miss these new friends.

Synergy or Two Dry Land Farmers on the Lake

There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests get together to work toward the same goals.  –Idowu Koyenikan

Bell Tower Installation

The beginning has finally begun!  We have been in preparation for this for several months.  Actually the Lord has probably been preparing us for this all of our lives.  We are so thankful to be in this season of life and able to do all we sense God is calling us to do.  

This mornings devotion was such a great way to start the day.  I love Nehemiah and all that God was able to accomplish through one man dedicated to God’s purposes.  His heart broke at the knowledge of the devastation of his people and of Jerusalem. His beautiful prayer asking God for favor with the King is dynamic.  He prayed and fasted and sought the Lord for his next step. Nehemiah’s leadership and humility is such an inspiration.  

Cross on Lake Travis

There are four couples here with the SOWER ministry.  We are so thankful for the experience we find in these couples.  One couple, John and Anita have been with the SOWERS for 16 years.  Anita used to be a specialty clinic manager so we can certainly relate to each other.  Our general leader couple Dan and Kathleen were at this camp for three months last year so they know the staff and the area well.  Ken and Barb have been in ministry all of their lives and have been with SOWERS for three years. As you can see we two newbies are in a great group.

The women are staining a deck on a cabin and will be painting the cabin and trim also.  A couple will be living in it this summer when they arrive to help staff this huge camp for the summer.  We ladies will also be doing some other painting and staining jobs with some new water stations that are being built.  It seems that summer camp in Texas with thousands of kids playing and learning about Jesus, water stations are essential.  One thing I don’t understand though is how these other gals can do this work and not have the stain all over them. Somehow I seem to really get into my work!

My three leaders!

The men are building a large bell tower in front of the auditorium.  This camp was given a huge bell that a church had in the area. One of the traditions here is that at the end of each camp those who received salvation while here at camp are to get to ring the bell!  This new bell will make an even larger sound than the old one. I think they had 600 some salvations last summer!

They appreciate their power tools! More Power!

We are really enjoying our first week at Highlands Lake Camp and Conference Center in Spicewood, TX.  This place has the greatest staff and the ministry here on this 200 acres on the shores of Lake Travis is inspiring.  

You can NEVER check the level enough!