Stepping Out

Preparations have started for the adventure ahead. We’ve both been retired about a year and have been enjoying this new season of life.

We’ve celebrated most of the seasons we’ve shared in the 47 years we’ve been married. We are farmers on the prairie and have done many jobs to keep a small farm afloat. Twenty years with a windmill and well repair business, plumbing, service station repair, and manager of a medical clinic for 26 years are some of the wonderful adventures we’ve experienced. Raising four children and now loving twelve grandchildren fill our days.

Now a new season is upon us. As a retired couple with a camper we have joined SOWER (Servants on Wheels Ever Ready) ministry with other like minded retirees. We love to camp and try new recipes with our Dutch ovens. Now we can camp with a purpose. We will be working with other couples to assist Christian camping organizations with needs that they have. This ministry sends workers all over the United States. We do construction work, repairs, office work and anything else the camp has a need for.

February 2020 finds us piling up the Dutch ovens and sprucing up the camper as our first assignment is March 1.

More to come…

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