Found Spring

Green is a beautiful color!  My six year old grandson, Luke loves green.  I love green grass and trees! This spot at Highlands Lake Convention Center is so beautiful.  I think the birds love green also. They are singing and praising God! So many different varieties!  We also found flies and bees at our picnics today. They loved the smell of food. We are right on Lake Travis.  

Cactus in a Tree

Our new friends from South Dakota said that it is a saying in their town in winter to get in a snow plow and keep heading south until people start asking, “what is that you are driving?”  Then you know you’ve gone far enough.  

Everyone is so friendly here.  We’ve met several great people already and two of the couples we will be working with.  Our project has changed since we arrived for the men. I am not sure what the ladies will be doing, maybe painting.  Glad I brought some paint clothes.  Hope we are painting green!

We are not in a good wifi spot so I will have to make some effort to get these updates posted. 


Sign says Jesus is the Light of the World!

One thought on “Found Spring

  1. The most beautiful green is in the grass, the trees, the flowers. All the awesome things God blesses us with! Prayers for you guys!


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