God of Miracles

Week Two in Iowa:

This has been a busy week but much was accomplished for Ridge Haven Cono. We experienced some beautiful days and we ladies spent some time pulling weeds out of the flower beds around several buildings, painting some more floors and stairways, transplanting day lillies and spreading out hostas. Windows were washed and floors were cleaned. The men cut down dead trees on the property, hauled rocks, rototilled, and rented a stump grinder for 40 stumps. That was a big day and the men were exhausted at the end of it.

Catching a Ride

Someone in our group leads devotions every morning at 7:30 before we head to work.  We had lead the devotions that morning on 2 Chronicles 20. This is my favorite story in the Bible.  The farmer and I talked about the importance of gratitude to our Lord even before we see the answer. Jehoshaphat and the country of Judah  had a big problem. They were fearful and didn’t know what to do. (Does this sound like our country today?) They sought the Lord and asked Him for the answer to their problems.  They received the answer on what to do through a prophet. They thanked God and worshipped Him even before they won the victory. The Lord told them that the battle was not theirs but His.  They sent out the praise and worshippers into battle first and a great victory was won and they didn’t even have to fight.

Later that morning, while the farmer was in a 10 acre field with knee high grass and he lost his glasses. These are bifocals and are a little pricey to replace. The farmer and I prayed and we headed out at lunch to go walk that field to see if we could find them. I thought I should maybe practice what we had preached that morning so I began to praise and worship while walking the field. I walked that field for an hour and pretty much gave up. When the guys finished their day of working one of the workers said he could go with them and they would all look, Ryan the young man that works at the camp here found them in the first 10 minutes! Praise God who cares about lost glasses.

Working Together

The girls had an afternoon out on Thursday and we hit an ice cream store, quilt shop and thrift store. It was fun to get more acquainted. Our general leader grew up in this area so we saw the farm where she lived and we went to a Farmer’s Market. I had strawberry/rhubarb ice cream. Lots of rhubarb desserts here. The farmer loves rhubarb!

Bicycle riding was an evening activity for some of us girls. We had so much fun!

Do you see a woman painted on the roof of this barn or not? Help settle the argument.

I see an old woman on the roof of this barn but the men don’t see it. Some of the ladies see it and some don’t.

Gearing up for week three.

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