Sportin’ a ‘tude

“Don’t look now…your attitude is showing.”

Patsy Clairmont
Photo by Anna Tukhfatullina Food Photographer/Stylist on

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

Zig Ziglar

In John 6:11 it says, “Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted.” Sometimes the smallest of words hold the key to so many truths. Jesus “gave thanks”. Jesus gave thanks and then a miracle happened with the loaves and fishes. He gave thanks and there was more than enough! Thanksgiving preceded the miracle. Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle. Gratitude creates abundance. Many times the biggest challenge in life is a lack of gratitude, a lack of thanksgiving.

One of the biggest challenges in this year 2020 has been a lack of thanksgiving. Many desire this year to be over, done! Let’s get Christmas over and move into 2021. At my age there is no desire to rush through these days, only to savor each one. But to also express gratitude and thanksgiving in the year 2020. That is too much! At least that’s the way my attitude was heading, until my generous, gracious, loving heavenly Father, showed me the difference thanksgiving can make. The beauty of it began to take my breath away as each day I began to record the things that made me grateful.

“There are still days I need a hand-up from another journeyer. And there are still days I want to hide, since every season of life brings its set of threats, yet because of God’s mercy and grace, I press on.”

Patsy Clairmont

Our gratitude glorifies God. We exalt not just the gifts, but we exalt the Giver. Gratitude opens our spiritual eyes. The more we thank God the more our eyes are opened to see His hand at work. This act of thankfulness keeps us awake to Him and His gifts. The Lord loves our thankfulness. He has given us so many wonderful gifts and provisions, can I not return thanks? An attitude of thanksgiving will change our lives. An attitude of thanksgiving will change our relationship with the Lord. An attitude of thanksgiving will change our world. Happy gratitude day this week. Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

“Is your problem really your problem, or is your ATTITUDE toward your problem the real problem?”

Joyce Meyer

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