The Courage of Jim Elliot

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

Jim Elliot
Forging Extraordinary Men at Alert Academy

The cadets here at Alert Academy presented a book report on the study of missionary Jim Elliot, who gave his life on the field in Ecuador in 1956. They were struck with his courage to take his faith in the Almighty God all the way to Ecuador. The life he could not keep he gave freely that many would be saved. Jim Elliott’s widow returned to Ecuador for two years following his death and many of the Auca people that had murdered her husband were saved.

The cadets training here are learning to be strong men of faith. Men of courage. Men able to stand for their families and hold fast to integrity, camaraderie and purpose. Alert Academy forges young men through intentional discipleship, and intense training environment, and real-world service opportunities. They have several different programs and phases young men can be trained for.

Wherever you are – be all there.

Jim Elliot

Our SOWER group is fortunate to be here for the month of March. As retired couples volunteering at this Academy, we have been encouraged and refreshed by this polite group of young men. We have all said that this group gives us hope for the future of our country. They are respectful, courteous, purposeful and love the Lord.

Sewing for this Academy and for the cadets has been the work for the four women of our group. We have sewed flags on uniforms, made new shirts for the cadets, worked on quilts with the signatures of this cadet class on them and anything else our sewing leader, Jane has for us to do. This sewing room is one very busy place on which the whole facility relies. The cadets here are expected to look sharp and professional. New cadets are given uniforms to wear and they are to keep them in good shape and laundered and starched.

Sewing Room

The farmer and the men in the SOWER group have been helping this facility recover from the very unusual freeze that occurred in February here in Texas. They have been repairing frozen and broken water lines. In a facility this size there are many and they find new ones everyday. Seventy eight p-traps in the drains had to be replaced and that is just the start of the repairs needed.

Frozen Water Lines

Tom and his wife Jane work here full time but as a side ministry they collate and staple thousands of booklets in several languages to send the gospel around the world. They took on an order of 35,000 booklets to send to Thailand. The booklets have the books of John and Romans in them. Tom and Jane have done this ministry on the side for many years. Just one bale of paper costs $450.00 but they can get 16,000 of these little booklets out of that bale. We assisted them last evening collating, stapling and cutting these booklets. It was thrilling to think that this Word of God would soon be in Thailand in the hands of someone, who could perhaps for the first time in their life, read God’s word in their own language.

Tom Sacrificing Time and Money to get the Word around the World

The smile and delight on Tom’s face declare the joy, absolute joy, he has in getting the Word of God to the remote places of the earth.

Lord, make my way prosperous, not that I achieve high station, but that my life may be an exhibit to the value of knowing God.

Jim Elliot

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