Second Proposal

July 25 was the day we left the farm for the long journey to Danforth, Maine.  Two thousand miles lay ahead of us and our August SOWER assignment.   We were going to Living Waters Bible Camp near Danforth.  This time we were taking the car and not pulling a camper.  Living Waters has a cottage for us to stay in for the month.  Since we had just had the motor replaced in our pickup this seemed like a good idea.  

Loading the car instead of the camper was a whole new ballgame. The trunk on our car is big but would it hold all we like to take on this journey for a month in Maine.  We loaded the car on the 25th and headed down the road about 1pm that day.  The first leg of the journey was just to our daughter’s house for an overnight stay.  

On our third day we stopped in Granville, OH to visit the farmer’s sister.  He was born on her 14th birthday and she had never forgiven him for messing up her special day.  It was fun to see her new place and eat lunch with her and hear them reminisce together.  


We spent one full day in Niagara Falls and had a room close to the park.  Since this is supposed to be a place for honeymooners, I mentioned to the farmer that maybe he could propose here.  We’ve only been married for 49 years, after all.  As we were walking by Bridal Veil Falls he handed the phone to a young man and asked him to snap our picture.  He got on his knees and proposed to me.  After 49 years, I still said, “yes”.  

She still says, “yes!”

We walked 7.5 miles that day around Niagara Falls and did the Hurricane Deck walk below Cave of the Winds.  We got so wet but really enjoyed seeing the falls from the bottom.  Spectacular views of God’s glorious creation were staggering to us.  The power of those falls spoke vehemently of our Creator’s majestic power.  

God’s Rainbow Promise of the Niagara Falls

After a night in Massachusetts, we were finally in Maine.  As we drove along the interstate, we knew we were right along the coast of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean but were unable to see it.  At just the right moment, the Lord had us turn off onto highway 1 and go to Orgunton, ME.  We turned at just the right spot in town and came to a beach area.  There was a spot for 30 minute parking.  We grabbed the spot and headed to the beach where we got to step in the ocean.  The beach was beautiful and I’m sure we looked pretty funny with the farmer in his cowboy boots and hat and his bride just wanting to put her feet in the ocean.  The farmer snapped a picture of his bride just as the tide was rolling in and covered my legs up to my knees.  The farmer got water up to the top of his boots but not over them.  It was perfect and we knew it was a delightful gift from God. The beach goers cheered us on and celebrated our cowboy/farmer getting his jeans wet while they lounged in their bathing suits and beach clothes.  

Welcome to Maine, finally!

Thank you God, our giver of perfect gifts. 

One thought on “Second Proposal

  1. So glad you said “Yes” again!!! So glad you have said “Yes” to follow where the Lord leads you and serve Him! Thanks for sharing your adventures and hope we meet up again serving as SOWERs. hugs


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