What’s Up

Time for an update. Where have the last few months gone to? The farmer was busy last fall for 2.5 months driving a semi in corn and milo harvest for some friends. He delivered lots of grain to our local elevators.

Bountiful Harvest

This girl stayed busy with helping with grandkids, doing some work around our farm and completed a Christmas quilt for one of our daughter in laws.  We spent a week in Texas in December with three grandkids while their parents traveled to Scotland.

Repairing Damage from Wind Storm

All of our children made it home for a few days after Christmas.  That’s the best Christmas present for this grandma.  It’s so good to have family come home. 

Just a Few Pies

Some grandsons are involved in wresting which makes the farmer grandpa happy.  Since two of them live within an hour of us we’ve had some bleacher time at wrestling tournaments.


Next week we will have our two youngest grandchildren for a few days while the rest of their family goes skiing.  They were given a choice and chose our house over skiing so grandmas pretty thrilled.


A new sewing table had been the farmers new project and this girl has started another quilt.   The sewing table is so sturdy and nice.  This table does not rock and roll like my old fold up table. 

New Sewing Table

At the end of February we are excited to pull the camper out of the Quonset and head to Arizona for our next SOWER project. 

Jenny’s Christmas Quilt

More later…



2 thoughts on “What’s Up

  1. So fun to hear about your lives this winter and your family. That pie looks great and how I wish I could be sitting across the table chatting with you and enjoying a piece of that pie. Keep us updated on your Arizona project. Hugs 💕

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