Texas Time

Green, my favorite color!

The farmer and I attended a powerful, dynamic Cowboy Church, Sunday morning and Wednesday night. The pastor gave a powerful message at both services. That was what the farmer and I have been looking for. He didn’t mince words, but spoke powerful truths that are relevant to our situation in today’s world. The congregation was so friendly and welcoming. We could all learn much from them. The cowboy hats were prevalent and so were the cowboys and cowgirls. You could tell it is an active church with all of the children that were in attendance. We could sure attend here every Sunday.

That was a great way to start the week for sure. On Monday we were back to work at the camp. This camp was started in 1946. I love to think of the faith of the people back then who had insight and vision to donate land, provide funds and labor to provide a camp for their children and grandchildren to hear of Jesus. Since 1960, 452,904 have attended Heart of Texas camp and there have been 15,953 salvations since that time. That’s a lot of lives changed for the Kingdom of Jesus.

Remodel. Farmer is flat on the ground in the background.

The men are still remodeling the staff cabin for the male staff. The farmer is installing plumbing and doing some electrical work. This cabin has been empty for awhile so it is taking some time to make it usable. It is basically gutted and redoing all of the interior. I have helped the women some with cleaning air conditioner units in all of the cabins and motel rooms. Policy and Procedure manuals and other filing and organizing documents for storage from past years, have kept me busy in the front office. This work has been enjoyable to me as it reminds me of the days in the clinic office where I worked before retirement. I enjoy organizing things.

Tuesday night was game night. We played several hands of Sweep. This is a popular game among SOWERS. The rules seem to change with each SOWER. However, the official Sweep rules were recently posted online so all SOWERS can get on the same page before our 40th anniversary of SOWER’s ministry reunion in Big Sandy, TX at the end of March. Thursday night we taught a new couple how to play Marble Pursuit. I think they enjoyed the game. The farmer makes the boards for this game in his wood shop at home.


The director, Rhonda of the camp and all of the staff are the best. Rhonda has been here 23 or more years. The input she’s had in all of the camp staff and camper’s lives through the years is amazing. The Lord has used her mightily. She is so creative and has done chainsaw carving on the tree stumps around the camp with some unique works and also some precious scriptures. God said He made us in His image. He’s so creative and I know He put creativity in all of us. I just have trouble finding my creative talents. She also made this beautiful hymn and bird picture.

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord.

1 Corinthians 15:58

Week two has been busy and full. The farmer and I are going this weekend to see our son and family in Flower Mound, TX. See you next week.

Heart of Texas Camp

Brownwood, TX is now home to the farmer’s camper. We are being blessed by this beautiful camp and are on a new SOWER assignment for the month of March. This first week has not been normal. We left home on March 1 and overnighted in Blair, OK at a very nice city park with camper hookups. About midnight we received a call from our niece that her dad had made the transition home to heaven. This was not unexpected as we knew that he was struggling. Brother Jim was ten years older than the farmer. The farmer is the little brother of the family and now he is the only brother.

We quickly decided to get the camper moved to the campground where we could set up for the month of March and then take the pickup and head home for the funeral and family gatherings. We were grateful that we were only nine to ten hours from home. The celebration of his life was wonderful and we had a good time visiting with family. The farmer’s youngest sister really put fear in his heart though, when she told him that now he was the only brother to keep the three sisters in line. You could just see the concern on his face. However, his oldest sister informed him that he would NOT be bossing her around at all! She is the one that would dress him in little dresses when he was a baby.

Our first week at Heart of Texas was spent traveling. We arrived back Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday we went to work. The camp director asked me to help with Policy and Procedure Manuals in the office. I really enjoyed getting to do that kind of work again. The farmer worked on preparing a site for cement and made some forms.

There are two other couples working with us here. One couple stayed overnight at our place last May. We so enjoyed having a meal with them and getting acquainted and now we are delighted to get to work with them this month. They were brand new to SOWERS when they were at our house last May but now have several places of work under their belts.

The couple that are our leaders are a very nice couple and have worked here at Heart of Texas for several months. They are familiar with the camp and the wonderful staff here. It fills our hearts with joy to be able to work with such a special team in this place.

The men have several projects going on. They are remodeling one of the boys’ residence halls, putting cement at the zip-line, installing some plumbing and the list goes on. The ladies are cleaning and organizing.

Some youth groups were here this weekend raking, painting and moving bunk beds. They were a busy bunch. It almost got to 90 degrees here and they worked hard. In the afternoon I saw them with towels in hand head to the lake. They were on a dead run to plunge into that water. I don’t imagine the water was all that warm since the temperatures had been in the 50’s earlier this week. It was a delight to hear them work, laugh and play. They had a bonfire in the evening and the sounds of joy and laughter rang through the camp.

Insert pic of painting

Just up the road is a beautiful pecan grove. It is called Pecan Grove Farms and they have 1,150 acres of mature trees adjoining Lake Brownwood. They have other Pecan farms in other areas also. The trees here have not yet leafed but I’m hoping that by the end of March they might be getting close to blooming. Pecan groves fascinate me as my great uncle had a pecan grove on his farm in Oklahoma.

If planted in the correct location, you can expect nuts in eight to ten years. Be aware though that the crop yield is not the same every year. Pecan trees alternate with a heavy crop one year followed by a light year.

“What is paradise, but, a garden, an orchard of trees and herbs, full of pleasure and nothing there but delights.”
-William Lawson

That’s a recap of the first week in Brownwood, IN A NUTSHELL! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the pun.

There is a very artisitic Camp Director, Rhonda.

Drive By Vacation

The State and National parks are closed.  Restaurants are closed. Social distancing and self quarantine are open.  We wanted to do some touring of the area while we are here but our plans changed dramatically just as all of your plans have changed.  We decided to take some scenic drives, pack our lunch in the pickup and see some sights from the pickup. Just the two of us and “looking at the world through our windshield.”  I think that is a truck driving song. We did get some nice photos but the weather was overcast and cloudy. Truthfully this was a special time just being together and seeing God’s beautiful creation.  

Check out some of our pictures below and do a virtual vacation with us.  

Bluebonnet Trail
Beautiful Flowers
Lots to eat for the buffalo
Still love green and red berries.
77.7 foot Empty Cross in Kerrville, TX Very inspirational
Sculpture in Kerrville, TX
Ranch Wagon