Drive By Vacation

The State and National parks are closed.  Restaurants are closed. Social distancing and self quarantine are open.  We wanted to do some touring of the area while we are here but our plans changed dramatically just as all of your plans have changed.  We decided to take some scenic drives, pack our lunch in the pickup and see some sights from the pickup. Just the two of us and “looking at the world through our windshield.”  I think that is a truck driving song. We did get some nice photos but the weather was overcast and cloudy. Truthfully this was a special time just being together and seeing God’s beautiful creation.  

Check out some of our pictures below and do a virtual vacation with us.  

Bluebonnet Trail
Beautiful Flowers
Lots to eat for the buffalo
Still love green and red berries.
77.7 foot Empty Cross in Kerrville, TX Very inspirational
Sculpture in Kerrville, TX
Ranch Wagon

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