No Veneer

There is no short cut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation – veneer isn’t worth anything.

George Washington Carver

It seems like the days and days of preparation for this new adventure have gone on and on. We are now on our last week of preparation. One week from today we will begin the journey to our first assignment as SOWERs.

With snow and ice coming down outside the house this evening we hope and pray that the weather will be improved next week. We are thankful to be traveling south. Some warmer days sound so good.

Some of the grandkids bringing life to Ronald the snowman.

We’ve been packing and unpacking and trying to organize our 19 foot camper with everything we might possibly need on our one month assignment. We’re sure we’ll know more about what to pack and what not to pack after we’ve spent this first month.

He needs a red handled screw driver while I NEED a place to put my blow dryer for my hair. He needs a good level and I need my computer. And it all must fit in that 19 feet. We will spend some quality time in some very close quarters.

Finally the time has come and a new adventure begun. Playing in the snow on the prairie.

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