Leaving the Little House on the Prairie

Starting to snow and blow.

Whew this Kansas weather is something! Yesterday it was 45 degrees and today we have a blizzard. Snowing again! Today was the day to put the final touches on the camper loading and prepare for our departure tomorrow morning. So thankful for a big shed to work in to get out of the driving snow.

A couple of complications entered the picture today. One was a propane hose leak on the camper. We are at least 90 miles from the nearest camper dealer and no one else seemed to have what we needed. With the blizzard underway we didn’t want to make a long journey today. Good thing my farmer husband is resourceful. A little western Kansas farmer ingenuity and the leak is fixed and we can continue with our departure in the morning. We are thankful to our gracious Lord for helping us again today.

The second was having to drive his freshly waxed pickup on our muddy country roads. He sure did mess up that wax job. Wax on, wax off at least it was good exercise. Farmers almost never complain about rain in our area though. Moisture is a much needed blessing here.

Tomorrow we will be

“On the road again, like a band of gypsies we go down the highway,

We’re making new friends, goin’ places that we’ve never been.

The life we love is working for Jesus with our new SOWER friends.

We just can’t wait to get on the road again.” Thank you Willie Nelson.

South bound!

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