Showdown with Fear


Devotions this morning were so good and thought provoking. I Kings 18 and 19 is where the journey started this morning with Elijah and the showdown with the followers of Baal. There was a great victory for the Lord and the followers of the Lord. God sent a great rain on the land that had been without rain for several years. There was a great famine in the land. And God sent rain when Elijah prayed. Elijah was threatened by Jezebel after all of the victories and he fled. Elijah was afraid for his life and he asked God to take his life. Will we also let one person stop us from trusting God. Will we hide in fear? Will we get back up and choose to trust God?

Chapel for devotions

Light rain today caused some minor difficulties for our work here at the camp. The men continued their outdoor project of finishing up the base of the hexapod and the steps. This is an amazing structure that looks like a ton of fun for kids. This week there will be kids here at the camp and they will get to try out the structure and the zip line. Our grandkids would really enjoy something like this.

The women worked on washing some paneled walls in a building of meeting rooms in preparation of painting the paneling.  We haven’t finished our cabin yet but it is hard to paint outside in the rain. This building will also be in use this week but not the room we are painting.  

This is a very busy camp.  There were a couple of different adult groups here this weekend and this week may find close to 300 kids here.  It’s so exciting to hear of the lives changed for Jesus in this place.










The bell tower the men first worked on will be used in such a great way. On the last day of camp everyone that has received Jesus as their Savior while at camp gets to ring the great bell. That would make a powerful statement to all!


By Grace alone,

Through FAITH alone,

In Christ alone.

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