Sourdough Friendships

Sweet fellowship with these other couples makes it hard to believe that we are in our last week to serve here with our wonderful co-workers.  One couple had to leave camp today and head home. We feel an empty spot in our campground and in our hearts. We introduced this couple to our style of dutch oven cooking and the tools that are essentials for us.  Breakfast was shared between us and that fellowship of breaking bread really solidifies a friendship just as it states in Acts 2:42. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. My new friend is the one that shared her sourdough starter with me. Now that is a special friend.  I am now off on a new hobby and whole new adventure. Sourdough biscuits will be served soon. Maybe some sourdough hotcakes will be next. 

Baking in the Dutch Oven

Sourdough, just as true friendships or relationships, takes time and intentional interactions. It is easy for me to hunker down in my own world and forget to reach out to those who need a friend.  I get so caught up in my agenda that I don’t even see the hurt and anguish in someone else’s heart. My new sourdough will spoil if I do not keep it replenished and use it to make new dishes. Friendships will sour and spoil if not maintained and nurtured.  

John Wayne Casserole

Our wonderful relationship with Jesus needs nurtured and developed.  He never changes and He never leaves us but we change and we move away from Him.  Thankfully sourdough doesn’t need daily attention but I need the daily attention of my Lord and Savior and I need refilled with freshness from His word everyday.  I don’t usually skip meals so I need at least a daily refill of His precious word. This is true everyday but particularly true in the chaos of the days we live in at present.  

Wild Flowers
Prayer Walk
Blossoms and Blooms

Jesus calmed the wind and the waves and He said peace be still!  In the chaos of today we must pray that Jesus will once again calm the wind and the waves of fear and give us peace.  

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