Cleaning and Organizing

Wondering why we call our Daily Devotionals devotional?  My old dictionary from 1828 says devotion is the state of being dedicated, consecrated, or solemnly set apart for a particular purpose.  (I use a dictionary from 1828 because it refers to the Lord)  It says a solemn attention to the Lord in worship; a yielding of the heart and affections to God with reverence, faith and piety in religious duties, particularly in prayer and meditation; devoutness.  An act of reverence, respect or ceremony.  

I guess we call it a time of devotion because we set apart this time to spend with the One True God.  Any relationship is so dependent on time spent with each other.  The Lord created us for this purpose.  To commune with Him and enjoy time with Him in study of the Word and in prayer.

“The morning bids me to linger a moment before the sun proclaims the day as having arrived.  And it is this silent space hewn from a day not yet on its feet that tenderly and at times abruptly positions me to better face the arriving day.  And I am utterly amazed that there has never been a single day in the whole of my life where the day showed up without this gift.  Rather, it’s that I have too often shown up too hurried to accept the gift.”

Craig D. Lounsbrough
81 years old and Winning Ribbons Weaving

As SOWERS we have devotions every morning before work.  Since there are only two SOWER couples here we’ve had to do the devotions twice a week.  This has put a dent in the devotions that we have prepared to share with others and have had to work pretty diligently to prepare some new titles this trip!  The other morning we felt it was just important to gather together with some specific scriptures and pray for our nation and our world.  I guess that was God’s plan as the other couple thought that should be our mission also.  Isn’t God so good!  It was a great time of praying for the concerns of our nation and our world.

Nothing teaches about the preciousness of the Creator as much as when we learn the emptiness of everything else.” 

Charles Spurgeon
Threading the Loom

After work one afternoon we were able to go to the Rainbow Acres store and see all the beautiful things made by the Ranchers here. There are some really good paintings, some rugs, table runners, mug rugs and scarves made by the weavers here. Some 90 year old ladies come to thread the many weaving machines when they need to be threaded. They use old bed sheets and other fabrics to weave their beautiful designs. It is amazing what they can do and the beauty of it all. A stained glass company sends them all of their small pieces that they are going to throw away and they make wonderful stepping stones that sell very well. Some of the ranchers make jewelry and many other projects. I bought a memory bracelet that is silver and blue and Susan (one of the ranchers) was hoping that it was one she made. I hope it is too.

Beautiful Colors and Weaving

The barn is a fun place to be for sure.  Debbie was telling me that she gets to do one on one time with one of the horses.  It is a special time for her and for the horse.  It is healing for them both.  They have some goats and some sheep that they are preparing to show at the county fair and a little pony.  Nancy was being a mentor to a new rancher.  She got to take her everywhere with her and show her the ropes.  She was having a great time taking her to classes with her and out to the barn.

There is a choir here that performs at many festivities in the area.  Of course some of the outside activities were curtailed due to the coronavirus.  Things are opening up again and that is making everyone happy.  

At church this morning we met the woman that teaches weaving and we are excited to get to watch the ranchers weave this week. The looms are amazing and look so complicated.  That will be a treat.

The farmer and I drove to the Grand Canyon this weekend.  We walked several miles along the rim trail.  It had been 30 years since we had been on the south rim of the Grand Canyon so it was definitely time to return.  This time we didn’t have four children with us, so it was less stressful.  We did miss showing them the canyon and all its beauty and God’s marvelous creation.  

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