Final Week

Watching the Ranchers at the looms was a special treat this week. They make rugs, scarves, mug rugs, placemats and many other items.

This week our job was cleaning a storage room on the ranch and sorting through items to decide on disposal or usable.  We hauled many, many items to the dumpster and some into town to the thrift shop.  Bobbie and I enjoyed the thrift shop trips as we are only a mile away from Sonic.  They will certainly miss us when we head home next week at the Sonic.  

The three weeks of work go by so very quickly. Friendships just started are now being strained with goodbyes. We will miss this place and the Ranchers and the special SOWER couple we worked alongside these last three weeks. Yes, Izzy, the dog, we will miss you too!

Saguaro National Park

After this last week of work we wanted to hit one more National Park on my bucket list- Saguaro National Park, near Tuscon.  

As we headed south towards Phoenix we began to see Saguaro’s right away. Arizona is a state of great contrasts. It was 35 degrees in Camp Verde and 91 degrees when we got to Tucson. Our pickup air conditioner wasn’t working and I tried very hard not to whine. But it was hot and I maybe dressed a little too warm.

Colors of the Desert

We were able to see both the East and West section of the park.  Our picnic lunch was great as we shared a nice shady picnic table with a couple of other groups of people.   We had a nice visit with people from Washington State and a couple from Colorado.  

The church we found to attend was Desert Willow church and we really enjoyed our time there and were blessed by the worship team and the pastor.

Roadrunner got the Lizard

SOWERS are known for playing games so on our last afternoon together we enjoyed playing some Sweep. It is a fun card game with rules that seem to change with each new SOWER group.

Rainbow Acres, you stole a piece of our hearts. The Ranchers and the memories will be cherished.

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