The Farmer at Home

Building Terraces

Our Lord blessed us tremendously on the way home from Arizona. With fuel prices rising, we thought it would take plenty of fuel to get home. We had a very strong tail wind for two days and averaged 13 miles per gallon. The last day home was a different story. As we turned to head Northeast, the winds were buffeting us from the side and rocking everything. The knowledge that we were a few hours from home, kept us going. Our fuel average went down and down but home sure looked good.

Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.

Robert Frost

The farmer was summoned immediately to begin to build terraces for a neighbor. We still own a single belt terracer but don’t have a tractor anymore. Well, that’s not completely accurate as we have two IHC Super C’s and and IHC B. They are not the kind of tractor with which you pull a terracer, however. This is according to the Farmer.

The IHC Farmer in John Deere Green

He also started driving a semi for a neighbor and hauling corn from the bin to the ethanol plant. He didn’t even get a chance to draw in a deep breath. He does love working in the dirt and has built lots of terraces in his day. I think he had a good time throwing dirt around and telling the younger guys how to do it.

We were still able to meet another great SOWER couple as they came to stay at our overnight parking for SOWER’s and their RV. They are brand new to SOWER’s but have been looking forward to this for a long time. They are both still teaching at a Junior College up north. They are looking forward to their first assignment in Colorado Springs. We loved getting acquainted with them and sharing so much about our families and our love for the Lord. The Farmer and I hope they make their way back through this prairie someday.

Yes, That is Dust

The Farmer’s wife also had a project in mind that involved replacing some wall tile in the bathroom and the Farmer’s daughter needed assistance with their basement bathroom. Those daughter’s sure know how to wrap those dad’s around their little fingers. If their smile doesn’t do it, chocolate will turn the tide. The Farmer was pleased to help our wonderful son-in-law with this project.

Chocolate Desserts Also Help
Love Those Smiles!

2 thoughts on “The Farmer at Home

  1. It’s so fun to hear of your adventures! We had a strong tail wind as we headed back home to Iowa from Charis Hills camp in Sunset Texas, that was a blessing for sure!


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