More Cousin Fun

Cousins are people that are ready-made friends. You have laughed with them and remember good times from a young age. You have fights with them but you always know you love each other. They are a better thing than brothers and sisters and friends cause they’re all pieced together as one. Courtney Cox.

August was the month of cousins!  What a treat!  As I grow older family means more and more to me.  My cousins on both sides of my family were and are precious treasures.  Some are the sisters I never had.  The definition for cousin is the son or daughter of an uncle or aunt. 

Back Yard Cousins

My mother was very close to her siblings and that meant that we spent as much time as possible with these cousins.  She had three siblings and I had eight very wonderful cousins.  Four of us were around the same age.  We roamed the entire ranch of my grandparents in Oklahoma.  We crossed barb wire fences, navigated hog wallows, fished in the ponds, rode horses, and used our imaginations.  An old threshing machine became a pirate ship or rocket ship.  Our parents got together to visit and play cards and the less we bothered them the better.  We had free reign over that entire place, and we loved it. 

Cousins are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.  Ed Cunningham

My dad also had three siblings and a wide variety of cousin ages.  There were four cousins that were close to my age and since my grandparents lived close, we got to see most of them frequently.  We played on our farm and drove the lawn tractor pulling a trailer full of smaller cousins for hours.  All of us learned our driving skills on that tractor.  Board games were also a hit and Scrabble was the best of all. 

Cousins are sisters you never had.  Reah Glowstorl

Sister/ Cousin

One cousin couple were having a 60th wedding anniversary celebration in August.  This started the cousin, journey.  Celebrations always call us out from the farm, so we planned to see them in SE Kansas.  Since SE Kansas is close to SW Missouri, I decided we had to stop and see my sisters/cousins there.  Then another cousin that had lost her husband a few months prior was having a celebration of life for him in NE Oklahoma just two days prior to our trip so of course the trip had to be extended.  In just a few days we were able to see five of my precious cousins. 

Sixty Years of Marriage

No time seemed to have passed since we last saw each other.  Although with some it had been a few years.  We just picked back up right where we left off.  Each of our memories were a little different but all rolled up together they were filled with fun, love, cherished times, celebrations, and blessings.  What a delight to my heart when one of my younger cousins said she always remembered how I would try to get everyone to do a craft or art project.  I guess that prepared me to be the Craft leader for 4-H in my later years. 

In the last two years I have been delighted to spend time with thirteen of my cousins.  I had 20 in all and two are deceased.  Guess I better find those other five.  I have been able to visit with them on the phone.

At Christmas, cousins are the presents under the tree.  Karen Decourcey

Family is a treasure. When parents are no longer available to answer questions on family history or to help you keep in touch with siblings and cousins, you begin to realize that it is now up to you to keep this family together. As I visited with the cousins, we began to plan for a reunion here at our farm again. This little farm on the prairie is the home place for my dad’s side of the family. So, it is the perfect place. My grandma that lived here was a true hostess for her family and that is my desire also. The reunion planning is underway.

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