Two Old Faithfuls on Vacation

Old Faithful

After trying and planning for three years, we finally made it to Yellowstone with our daughter Esther and her family. Dieter, her husband, is a great trip planner and had been trying to get this joint vacation out of the starting gate for three years. When the floods hit Yellowstone we thought we might have to put it off again.

The National Park service did an excellent job in getting everything open and running in short order following the devastating flooding.

We camped at Fishing Bridge RV Park and it was a delightful place to base our Yellowstone adventures from. The crowds were not too difficult and we were able to see all the areas we desired to see. Both loops were open and accessible.

It was a joy to share this adventure with Esther’s family. Addie is six and while everyone else hoped to see a bear she had no desire to see any!

Grands Enjoying the Jump

Judah is fourteen and is out for Cross Country. He and his dad went for a run nearly every morning. They did have a bear cross their path in the distance. They didn’t get very close though.

Our Teardrop

Esther and family rented an RV and we took our teardrop. It worked so well for all of us. The kids enjoyed the whole camping experience. We went swimming, hiking, sightseeing and played games. Grandpa made some pretty good pancakes one morning.


The boat trip to Jenny Lake was fun. We hiked to the Hidden Falls and the kids went on to Inspiration Point. Grandpa and I did some more hiking around Jenny Lake. We like to stop to take lots of pictures. (It helps us have time to catch our breath). The altitude and our attitudes do make a difference.

Mormon Row in Grand Tetons

The Grand Tetons are always a favorite of ours. Of course the grandpa loves his barns. We always have to capture many pictures here.

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.

John Muir

This vacation was certainly worth the wait and all the planning. Thank you Dieter for your expertise. It was a delight to share this journey with this sweet family.

2 thoughts on “Two Old Faithfuls on Vacation

  1. What fun to follow your adventures! Wonderful family time, memories made and experiencing the variety of beauty God has created for us to enjoy. Glad to see you are both doing well, we miss you! 💕


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