Tornado Activity Near Home

Three inches of rain today and more predicted.  Tornadoes near our hometown.  The news around the world is concerning and the weather is unpredictable!  The pictures of the tornadoes near home were unreal and yet very real.  Thankfully no damage was done as they touched down in open fields.  At least that is the report that I received.  No tornadoes here in Iowa.  We do have a storm shelter nearby in case.  A camper is not a great place to be in a bad storm.  

The men worked on several indoor projects today with all of the rain.  They did some destruction as they tore out unwanted old cupboards and some moldy sheet rock.  The women worked on thoroughly cleaning one large building with a gym.  We will continue on that tomorrow.  We washed walls, stalls, windows and chairs in locker rooms and meeting rooms.  

Last Friday on our day off we had a group outing to the Amana Colonies.  It is a National Historical Site.  In the 1800’s the pietists came to the United States to escape religious persecution in Germany.  The lived communally until 1935.  Their history and story is quite interesting.  We ate at Ronnenburg Restaurant and enjoyed seeing the shops, eating bakery goodies and chocolate from the chocolate shop.  

Our SOWER crew at the Ronnenburg Restaurant in Amana, IA

Saturday we stayed home in the morning and did some chores around the camper.  It rained and made it difficult to do the farmer’s favorite hobby–taking pictures of barns.  In the afternoon we got a few pictures and traveled a few miles to Brandon, IA to see Iowa’s largest skillet.  Since we love dutch oven cooking this was a fun trip.  We got back to camp in time to make BBQ Meatballs in the dutch oven, grilled veggies, mashed potatoes and sourdough biscuits.  It was all pretty tasty.  All the couples came to our yard for patio night.  We had a great visit and were pretty tasty to the mosquitoes.  

Big Cast Iron Skillet
Cooking up some Dutch Oven Goodies

Sunday following church our group had a tour of Cedar Rock.  The well-known architect, Frank Lloyd Wright designed the home for a local couple on their property right on the Wapsipinicon River in 1945.  It is a well designed home that brings the beauty of the outdoors right inside.  All of the original furniture is still in the house and the view is outstanding.  Our tour guide played the grand piano for us and gave us lots of interesting tidbits on the couple who are no longer living. 

Cedar Rock

Sourdough Friendships

Sweet fellowship with these other couples makes it hard to believe that we are in our last week to serve here with our wonderful co-workers.  One couple had to leave camp today and head home. We feel an empty spot in our campground and in our hearts. We introduced this couple to our style of dutch oven cooking and the tools that are essentials for us.  Breakfast was shared between us and that fellowship of breaking bread really solidifies a friendship just as it states in Acts 2:42. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. My new friend is the one that shared her sourdough starter with me. Now that is a special friend.  I am now off on a new hobby and whole new adventure. Sourdough biscuits will be served soon. Maybe some sourdough hotcakes will be next. 

Baking in the Dutch Oven

Sourdough, just as true friendships or relationships, takes time and intentional interactions. It is easy for me to hunker down in my own world and forget to reach out to those who need a friend.  I get so caught up in my agenda that I don’t even see the hurt and anguish in someone else’s heart. My new sourdough will spoil if I do not keep it replenished and use it to make new dishes. Friendships will sour and spoil if not maintained and nurtured.  

John Wayne Casserole

Our wonderful relationship with Jesus needs nurtured and developed.  He never changes and He never leaves us but we change and we move away from Him.  Thankfully sourdough doesn’t need daily attention but I need the daily attention of my Lord and Savior and I need refilled with freshness from His word everyday.  I don’t usually skip meals so I need at least a daily refill of His precious word. This is true everyday but particularly true in the chaos of the days we live in at present.  

Wild Flowers
Prayer Walk
Blossoms and Blooms

Jesus calmed the wind and the waves and He said peace be still!  In the chaos of today we must pray that Jesus will once again calm the wind and the waves of fear and give us peace.  

Leaving the Little House on the Prairie

Starting to snow and blow.

Whew this Kansas weather is something! Yesterday it was 45 degrees and today we have a blizzard. Snowing again! Today was the day to put the final touches on the camper loading and prepare for our departure tomorrow morning. So thankful for a big shed to work in to get out of the driving snow.

A couple of complications entered the picture today. One was a propane hose leak on the camper. We are at least 90 miles from the nearest camper dealer and no one else seemed to have what we needed. With the blizzard underway we didn’t want to make a long journey today. Good thing my farmer husband is resourceful. A little western Kansas farmer ingenuity and the leak is fixed and we can continue with our departure in the morning. We are thankful to our gracious Lord for helping us again today.

The second was having to drive his freshly waxed pickup on our muddy country roads. He sure did mess up that wax job. Wax on, wax off at least it was good exercise. Farmers almost never complain about rain in our area though. Moisture is a much needed blessing here.

Tomorrow we will be

“On the road again, like a band of gypsies we go down the highway,

We’re making new friends, goin’ places that we’ve never been.

The life we love is working for Jesus with our new SOWER friends.

We just can’t wait to get on the road again.” Thank you Willie Nelson.

South bound!